Surgical Sciences QAU Named Researchers of the Month

GOOD NEWS from the Section Newsletter, March 2021

Within the section of Surgical Disciplines Division of Surgical Sciences, the quality assurance unit works hand in hand with laboratory managers in the Center for Human Systems Immunology to enable reporting of antibody measurements in vaccination and immunoprophylaxis clinical trials for key decision making.

This recognition is to applaud the spirit of excellence, dedication, cooperation, and the continuous learning that is needed to successfully maintain a good clinical laboratory practice environment for over a decade while designing innovative approaches to keep pace with scientific advances!

Judith Lucas and Tara McNair are outstanding leaders in the binding antibody endpoint laboratory that work together with the entire laboratory team.

Marcella Sarzotti-Kelsoe, Kaia Quinn Lyons, Kelsey Hall, Kristen Skinner, Angela McKenzie, Mourine Todd, Rebecca Beerman, and Zachary Korzen-Varin are an outstanding team comprising the Duke Central Quality Assurance Unit. The productivity across these teams is exemplified by the reporting of antibody immune correlates data from two distinct human HIV-1 clinical efficacy trials—with all the unique challenges this past year held for laboratory operations!

"Congratulations on being named Duke Surgery’s Researchers of the Month. From my own experience in the lab, I know how critical your work is fostering robust science, and in doing so, making life saving discoveries. Your watchful eye is a key differentiator that makes Duke Surgery so strong in this domain. Thank you so much." 

-  Allan D. Kirk, MD, PhD, FACS
David C. Sabistion, Jr. Distinguished Professor
and Chair, Department of Surgery
Vice Dean for Surgical Disciplines
Duke University School of Medicine
Duke University Health System