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CFAR at Duke

The Duke Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) promotes the collaboration and coordination of AIDS-related research by supporting the scientific needs of the basic and clinical research community at Duke. Support for CFAR is provided by NIH Centers for AIDS Research (CFAR).

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Mission Towards the Community

Enhance the reach and impact of Duke studies by supporting collaborative community research and assisting investigators in the dissemination of findings to the community and larger scientific arena.

Recent Publications

Aifah A, Okeke NL, Rentrope CR, Schexnayder J, Bloomfield GS, Bosworth H, Grover K, Hileman CO, Muiruri C, Oakes M, Webel AR, Longenecker CT, Vedanthan R
Muiruri C, Longenecker CT, Meissner EG, Okeke NL, Pettit AC, Thomas K, Velazquez E, Bloomfield GS
Fawole OA, Kelly MS, Steenhoff AP, Feemster KA, Crotty EJ, Rattan MS, David T, Mazhani T, Shah SS, Andronikou S, Arscott-Mills T