For graduate students in qualitative disciplines. 

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2018 Fall Scientific Retreat Keynote Speaker: Ebony Boulware speaks on “Synergy: Partnerships with CTSI to Accelerate Translation"

Sallie Permar wins the 2018 CFAR Director’s Award at the Fall Scientific Retreat!

New Duke research could make HIV incidence tracking faster, cheaper

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Overarching HIV/AIDS research priorities and guidelines NIH will use for determining AIDS funding.

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CFAR at Duke

The Duke Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) promotes the collaboration and coordination of AIDS-related research by supporting the scientific needs of the basic and clinical research community at Duke. 

Recent Publications

Goel G, King T, Daveson AJ, Andrews JM, Krishnarajah J, Krause R, Brown GJE, Fogel R, Barish CF, Epstein R, Kinney TP, Miner PB, Tye-Din JA, Girardin A, Taavela J, Popp A, Sidney J, Mäki M, Goldstein KE, Griffin PH, Wang S, Dzuris JL, Williams LJ,...
Luo K, Liao HX, Zhang R, Easterhoff D, Wiehe K, Gurley TC, Armand LC, Allen AA, Von Holle TA, Marshall DJ, Whitesides JF, Pritchett J, Foulger A, Hernandez G, Parks R, Lloyd KE, Stolarchuk C, Sawant S, Peel J, Yates NL, Dunford E, Arora S, Wang A,...
Cichowitz C, Mazuguni F, Minja L, Njau P, Antelman G, Ngocho J, Knettel BA, Watt MH, Mmbaga BT


Feb 22 2019
Friday, February 22, 2019
Smith Warehouse, Ahmadieh Family Lecture Hall, Bay 4, C105

Community Involvement

"Supporting the comprehensive efforts of the Duke AIDS research community"

Mission Towards the Community

Enhance the reach and impact of Duke studies by supporting collaborative community research and assisting investigators in the dissemination of findings to the community and larger scientific arena.