Advisory Board

The CFAR External Advisory Committee meets with the Duke CFAR leaders bi-annually to review the overall progress of the Duke CFAR in accomplishing its overall goals and advises the CFAR leadership on how to best serve the changing needs of the intramural community of HIV/AIDS investigators.

External Advisory Committee:

Ron Swanstrom, PhD
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Joseph Eron, MD
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill

Richard Koup, MD
NIH Vaccine Research Center

Katherine Luzuriaga, MD
University of Massachusetts

James Hoxie, MD
University of Pennsylvania

Kathy Sikkema, PhD
Columbia University

Renee Heffron, PhD, MPH
University of Alabama at Birmingham

Michael Hudgens, PhD
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill


Previous Members:

Sten Vermund, MD, PhD - Chair
Yale University

Gina Wingood, MPH, ScD
Columbia University

Thomas Kepler, PhD
Boston University

Cathy Wilfert, MD
Duke University

Barney Graham, MD, PhD
Morehouse School of Medicine