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Immunology Core

Duke CFAR Immunology Core

The Immunology Core provides Duke HIV/AIDS scientists, clinicians, collaborators, and trainees access to an innovative, state-of-the-art, and standardized repertoire of immunologic assays that can comprehensively and deeply interrogate the immunologic space in response to HIV-1 infection, vaccination, co-infections, and cure strategies.

The Core brings together a team of investigators with extensive expertise in HIV/AIDS innate, humoral and cellular immunology, virology, quality assurance, and scientific training to meet the in-country and international research needs of Duke HIV/AIDS scientists, clinicians, collaborators, and trainees. The Immunology Core fills critical gaps in the HIV/AIDS field by providing innovative, state-of-the-art, and standardized immunologic assays to comprehensively investigate the immune space relevant in HIV infection, vaccination, co-infection, prevention, immune prophylaxis, and HIV-1 Cure studies. The investigators comprising the Immunology Core have demonstrated sustained contributions in HIV/AIDS research and have a strong history of working collaboratively, serving many national and international HIV-related basic science research and immune monitoring of clinical trial efforts. Brought together in a single Core built upon decades of immunology and HIV/AIDS expertise, this team continues to be uniquely poised to tackle emerging needs in the field of HIV/AIDS-related immunology.

Duke CFAR's Immunology Core encompasses the following labs:

Central Quality Assurance Unit (CQAU) Cellular Cytotoxicity Laboratory (Ferrari)
Binding Antibody Component (Tomaras) Neutralizing Antibody Assays (Montefiori)
Immunology Core group email:
Flow Cytometry