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Sarphati Amsterdam: Research Facility for Healthy Living

Sarphati Amsterdam is a new research institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, focused on interdisciplinary research into new epidemics. The Institute is founded by the City in cooperation with the universities in Amsterdam. The core of the Institute will be a dynamic cohort including all children in Amsterdam from birth until the age of 19 (around 180.000 children). In this talk we will present the background and outline of the Institute (Arnoud Verhoeff- pictured right)., the Sarphati Cohort (Joanne Ujcic- pictured left) and the Amsterdam Infant Microbiome Study (Manon van Eijsden- pictured center), all part of Sarphati Amsterdam.

Start Date
Thursday, March 3, 2016
Start Time
12:00 pm
Trent 040