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Can Sirleaf Survive Ebola?

Duke faculty experts on Global Health and Africa will hold a week-long series of public events on the continuing Ebola epidemic in West Africa the week of September 22-26, including conversations, lectures, a live videoconference from Nigeria (tentative) , and a film screening.- Monday Sept 22 (5:00 pm), Dr. Chris Woods (Duke Global Health Institute) and Dr. Michael Merson (Director, Duke Global Health Institute)- 217 Perkins Library - Tuesday, Sept 23 (5:00 pm), Dr. Mary H. Moran (Anthropology, Colgate University) Cultural context of the West African countries currently affected, specifically drawing from her expertise in Liberia - Mary Lou Williams Center - Flowers Bldg- Wednesday, Sept 24 (5:00 pm)Dr. Philip Rosoff (Duke Medicine) - 217 Perkins Library - Thursday, Sept 25 (12:00 pm), Dr. Faisal Shuaib (Incident Manager, Ebola Emergency Operations Center in Nigeria) will be giving video conference presentation on Nigeria's first hand country response with managing this pandemic. 040 Trent Hall (This event is tentative). - Friday, Sept 26 (7:00 pm), there will be a showing of the film Contagion (2011; dir. Steven Soderbergh).All of these events are free and open to the entire Duke community (University and Med Center) and the public.

Start Date
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Start Time
5:00 pm
Mary Lou Williams Center