Roybal Center Workshop: 5Ts for research coordinators working on aging research projects

October 5, 2023
9:30 am to 11:00 am
Aging Center Hub 2514 Blue Zone Duke South

Event sponsored by:

Center for Aging and Human Development
Department of Medicine
School of Medicine (SOM)


Michelle Cooley


5Ts framework for research logo


Barrett Bowling, MD
October 5th, 9:30 - 11:00 am, Aging Center Hub 2514 Overview: The Duke Pepper Center's Research Education Component (REC) Core is pleased to announce the launch of a 5Ts Framework training workshop where research staff will learn about using the 5Ts Framework to improve recruitment and retention of older adults in clinical research. Audience: This workshop is designed for research staff including clinical research coordinators, research assistants, and research team members. Research investigators and trainees who have not attended other 5Ts workshops are also welcome to attend. Description: While research staff play a pivotal role in operationalizing study protocols, developing recruitment strategies and participant-facing study materials, interacting with participants, and collecting data, they have reported barriers to recruitment of older adults. Barriers include lack of training about older adults, inadequate access to helpful tools, and limited opportunities to learn from others' success. Using the 5Ts helps research teams identify the appropriate target population and avoid exclusions that limit participation, build representative teams that include aging expertise, anticipate additional time and resources to assist older adults, follow practical tips for accommodating age-related limitations to study participation, and use tools to measure what matters to older adults. Learning objectives: 1. To anticipate common barriers to inclusion of older adults in research 2. To recognize how the 5Ts Framework can support inclusion of older adults in research 3. To practice using the 5Ts Framework during a structured activity 4. To identify ways that the 5Ts Framework could also be used in one's own work Register now: To register or for more information, please email Michelle Cooley