Duke CFAR Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) Core Confidentiality and Integrity Statement

The Duke CFAR SBS Core aims to enhance the quality and quantity of HIV-related social and behavioral research across the university. We do this in a variety of ways.  Two main ways are to: 1) facilitate various information-sharing and brainstorming “think tank” sessions to help Duke investigators move their HIV research ideas forward, and 2) provide peer reviews of grants.

During “think tank” sessions, investigators are encouraged to bring their developing and/or unfinished ideas to the group for assistance with fleshing out concepts, design, methodology, etc. so that they can progress quickly and confidently in the proposal and/or research process. During peer reviews, investigators provide draft versions of their specific aims page and research strategy for others to review and constructively critique.

The Duke CFAR SBS Core recognizes the benefits of peer feedback and acknowledges the importance of keeping others’ research ideas confidential.  We aim to create a supportive environment that encourages open dialogue, where all Duke CFAR members, faculty, staff, and students feel comfortable in sharing their research ideas, knowing that others will demonstrate professionalism and integrity in keeping all research ideas private. It is expected that individuals participating in “think tank” sessions and peer reviews will not use or share ideas, unique study designs, knowledge or information, intellectual property or other subject matter pertaining to the ideas brought forth by investigators in these meetings without collaborating with those investigators first.

We thank you for creating a prosperous research environment for HIV-related social science research at Duke.