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Annual Retreat

The 17th Annual CFAR Virtual Fall Scientific Retreat will be held on October 27th, 2021 on Zoom from 9AM - 2PM.

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2021 Call for Abstracts

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION DATE: Wednesday, October 6, 2021
ABSTRACT SUBMISSION LINK: Abstract Submission - 2021 CFAR Fall Scientific Retreat 

All pre- and post-doctoral trainees, as well as junior faculty investigators conducting AIDS-related  research at Duke  are  encouraged  to  submit  an  abstract  for  poster  presentation  at  the  seventeenth annual CFAR Fall Scientific Retreat.  This year we have a special track to include research on any human pathogen (i.e. research on COVID-19, pathogens with pandemic potential included) where the methods, concepts or findings provide novel insights for AIDS-related research. 
This is an opportunity to share your research design, progress, and new insights with others in the Duke University community. Final results are not required, and ‘works in progress’ and posters that have been recently presented at other meetings are welcome.  

This year each poster will be presented as a prerecorded, 3-5 minute slide presentation. No actual poster is required. The one-page abstract will be published in the Fall Retreat Program and must contain the following sections: Background, Methods, Results, Impact and Conclusions.   *Prizes for Best Mini-Oral Presentation will be awarded in the following research categories:

  • Clinical
  • Basic/Translational
  • Social & Behavioral
  • Quantitative
  • Human pathogens (i.e. emerging, pandemic potential)

*Additional abstracts will be selected for longer presentation and discussion during the Retreat. 

Abstract submissions are due by Wednesday, October 6, 2021. 
Submit your abstract at this link:
You will receive an email confirmation that your file was uploaded successfully and then a follow-up email with the slide presentation template and further details. 

Abstracts selected for longer, live oral presentations at the Retreat will be announced by October 13, 2021

See the Duke CFAR Website for more and updated information. 

Contact Kelly Suñé at

More information is coming soon!

Download Call for Abstracts - PDF

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CFAR Fall Retreat pictures here.
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