CFAR Microgrants

CFAR Microgrants of up to $20,000 will now be available on an ad hoc basis throughout the year. These one year awards are intended to facilitate HIV/AIDS research by providing modest, but essential, resources that are not readily available from other sources. The Microgrant program is designed to support new NIH grant applications that will increase the HIV/AIDS funded research base at Duke.

Microgrant Awards should be used for

  • Generating preliminary data for planned HIV/AIDS-related NIH grant applications with review by CFAR leadership. (Target RFA/FOA(s) required)
  • Bridge funding for generating preliminary data to address a weakness for HIV/AIDS-related NIH R grants that received scores, but were not funded. (Summary statement required)
  • Performance of specific experiments requested by manuscript reviewers.  Must be HIV/AIDS-related.  (Manuscript review required)


Funds may be used for any HIV/AIDS research-related purpose, including salary/wages (e.g. temporary employee to assist in data collection or analysis), consultant costs, and supplies, or study subject incentives.


  • Post-doctoral and Clinical Fellows. (Must show path to independent funding)
  • Duke faculty (Priority given to Early Stage Investigators)
  • Mid and Senior level investigators new to HIV research
  • Applicants with a current K award must have NIH pre-approval
  • Senior HIV investigators are rarely eligible and must have NIH pre-approval
  • Funding is restricted to activities within the United States.
  • Must have PI status prior to submitting an application*

*Any individuals that are not regular rank faculty (e.g., residents, post-docs, research scientists, non-regular rank faculty) and have an ongoing employment relationship with the University, may be approved to serve as a PI/PD on applications for external funding through the PI Eligibility request form.


The application will be reviewed by an internal CFAR Committee. Turnaround time is < 1 month. Please email the completed application, along with your summary statement or manuscript review (if applicable) to
Once you receive confirmation that your file was uploaded, please email to start the review process.