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Administrative Core

Just as the CFAR membership represents the lifeblood of the Duke CFAR, the Administrative Core serves as its heart and soul by providing overall scientific leadership as well as operational and management functions, as well as serving as the central point of contact for all CFAR activities. Through its activities, the Core creates and supports an environment for interdisciplinary research collaborations among the HIV/AIDS investigators that would otherwise be absent from campus, thus providing significant added value. Support for individual researchers, especially early stage investigators, as well as building ‘Team Science’ aimed at addressing broader research issues are both high priorities within the Core.

The Core will accomplish these goals through the following Aims:

  • Aim 1. To provide overall scientific leadership and oversight for the CFAR.
  • Aim 2. To provide comprehensive fiscal management of the CFAR.
  • Aim 3. To effectively communicate with the CFAR membership and institutional research community to inform and engage CFAR members and potential collaborators.
  • Aim 4. To manage internal and external CFAR collaborations, as well as initiate and foster research collaborations throughout the CFAR network.
  • Aim 5. To provide effective and sustained community outreach.
Providing overall scientific leadership, operational and management functions, and a central point of contact

Services Offered

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Research Highlights

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Core Staff Contact

John A. Bartlett, Co-Director
Mary Oris, Administrative Coordinator and Financial Manager
Kelly Plonk, Program Coordinator