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Workshop Series: Quantitative Methods for HIV Researchers

Registration is now open for Part I of a 3-part series of workshops designed to provide HIV researchers with the quantitative skills necessary for analysis of the large, complex data sets resulting from assays such as single-cell RNA-seq, flow cytometry, fMRI, etc. Each workshop module consists of 6 once-a-week workshops held on Fridays from 9 AM – 4 PM at Duke University, and is open to graduate students, postdocs, medical fellows, staff and faculty. Non-Duke-affiliated applicants are welcome.

The series consists of the following modules:

Part I:    Basic data science in R (Aug – Oct 2019)
Part II:   Design, analysis and interpretation of experiments (Oct – Dec 2019)
Part III:  Modeling, analysis and visualization of multi-parameter data (Jan – Apr 2020)

For Parts I and II, applicants are expected to attend ALL workshops. For Part III, applicants may select one or more workshops of relevance to their research. As these FREE workshops are funded by NIAID, priority will be given those involved in HIV/AIDS research, US citizens/permanent residents, and under-represented minorities. These workshops build on each other sequentially; hence, for Part II, priority will be given to those who have attended Part I, and for Part III, priority will be given to those who have attended Parts I and II. The requirement to attend prior workshop modules can be waived if you can demonstrate prior knowledge and competency in data science (for Parts II and II) and statistics (for Part III).

Part I:
Data Science Workshops

Date Topic
8/30/2019 Intro to Rstudio, Basic R commands, objects
9/6/2019 Dataframes, tidy data, tidyverse, ggplot2
9/13/2019 Exploratory Data Analyses (Visualization)
9/20/2019 Models, formulas
9/27/2019 Bioconductor objects
10/4/2019 Bioconductor workflow example







Part II:
Statistics Workshops

Date Topic
10/11/2019 Intro/study design
10/18/2019 Exploratory Analyses
10/25/2019 Hypothesis testing Pt 1
11/1/2019 Hypothesis testing Pt 2
11/8/2019 Modeling
11/15/2019 Random Effects







Part III:
Assay Data Analysis Workshops (Spring 2020)

Date Topic
TBD Antibody and plate-based assays
TBD Flow cytometry
TBD Microbiome
TBD Modeling virus-host dynamics
TBD Neuroimaging

Registration for Part I of the workshop series is now open! Applicants will need to state their research area and learning objectives. Students and postdocs will also need to provide two references.


Enrollment decisions will be announced by August 19, 2019.