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Workshop Series: Quantitative Methods for HIV Researchers

Registration is open for STATISTICS - Part II of a 3-part series of workshops designed to provide HIV researchers with the quantitative skills necessary for analysis of the large, complex data sets resulting from assays such as single-cell RNA-seq, flow cytometry, fMRI, etc. Each part of the series consists of 6 once-a-week workshops held on Thursdays from 1PM – 4 PM via Zoom, and is open to graduate students, postdocs, medical fellows, staff and faculty. Non-Duke-affiliated applicants are welcome.

Registration must be completed by Monday, January 11, 2021 so we can prepare computational resources for participants.

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Statistics Workshops

Thursday, January 14 Breakdown of an Experiment
Thursday, January 21 Exploratory Data Analyses
Thursday, January 28 Hypothesis Testing
Thursday, February 4 Regression Models Part 1
Thursday, February 11 Regression Models Part 2
Thursday, February 18 Multilevel Models

Assays Workshops   
March/April 2021 TBD

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