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"Using Research to Inform Policy and Practice- Strategies and Lessons Learned from teh U.S., South Africa, and Nigeria"

Visiting scholars, Dr Mosa Moshabela, Dr Bernhard Gaede, and Ntokozo Mntambo (University of KwaZulu-Natal, Department of Rural Health; Durban, South Africa), Professor Jenni Owen (Public Policy), Professor Kate Whetten (Duke Global Health Institute) and Kamela Heyward-Rotimi (Postdoctoral Fellow) will speak at this event, which is part of the Rural Health and Rural Academic Excellence in South Africa series taking place with support from Duke¿s Africa Initiative and Duke¿s Sanford School and Center for Child and Family Policy. For more information, please see by the Africa Initiative, the Center for Child and Family Policy, and the Duke Global Health Institute

Start Date
Thursday, April 10, 2014
Start Time
3:00 pm
Sanford 223, Rhodes Conference Room