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Duke CFAR Quantitative Science Summer Internships (2018)

Monday, March 19, 2018

Duke CFAR is looking to fund Biostatistics and Bioinformatics MS interns on HIV/AIDS-related projects that could benefit from data modeling and analysis. You will have the opportunity to interview the student. You will also serve as their primary project supervisor and approve their time cards, and meet with them on a weekly basis. Students will be co-supervised by the BCB Core director or co-director, depending on project needs.

The interns are B&B students who have completed their first year course work in pure and applied statistics as well as communication skills, and are fluent in R, SAS and/or Python (data science track students learn R and Python while regular track students learn R and SAS). The interns can help with projects that require many varieties of quantiitative analysis, including but not limited to clinical trials, secondary data analysis, immune profiling, microbiome analysis, deep learning applications and mathematical modeling.

If you have a project and need quantitate analysis intern support, please respond to this email with the following details:

  • Project title
  • 5-10 line summary of the project and the quantitative help needed
  • PI, email, phone 

The BCB Cord director or co-director will contact the PIs of short-listed proposals for more details.

Deadline to submit requests is 3/31/2018.

Thank you,

Cliburn Chan
Biostatistics and Computational Biology Core Director

Hrishikesh Chakrabort
Biostatistics and Computational Biology Core Co-Director