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Underprotected: Only two-thirds of Duke students reported practicing safe sex

Monday, September 11, 2017

By Grace Mok | 09/11/2017

In many cases, Duke students decline to use contraception or protection during sex, a recent study found.

According to data from an American College Health Association survey, in their last instance of vaginal intercourse, 58.5 percent of students reported not using a contraceptive method or stated that it was not applicable or they did not know. Similarly, nearly 40 percent did not use protective barriers when they had vaginal intercourse in the last thirty days. 

In the preceding four years, the University experienced relatively little change in proportion of students using contraceptives and practicing safe sex, according to survey data. Some students and staff interested in sexual health said they believed new initiatives like the Peer Advocacy for Sexual Health Center can improve the outlook for contraception use and safe sex at Duke.


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