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Challenges to Malaria Control in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Beyond

Mark Janko, PhDPostdoctoral FellowDuke Global Health InstituteIn the last 15 years, the global health community has made considerable progress in reducing transmission of malaria. Despite this progress, however, a number of challenges to further reductions remain. This talk addresses three such challenges. First, I discuss the ecology that serves as a backdrop to transmission, and focus in particular on the role that agricultural development may play. Second, I discuss the emergence and spread of insecticide resistance, which may undermine the contributions that bed nets have made in reducing transmission, and provide additional strategies for regularly monitoring bed net effectiveness. Finally, I present recent efforts to understand how malaria may spread by drawing on a population-based survey data and tools form population genetics.Lunch will be provided.

Start Date
Thursday, August 31, 2017
Start Time
12:00 pm
Trent 040