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Duke CFAR directors recall early days of HIV research at Duke for World AIDS Day event

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

In honor of World AIDS Day, the Duke CFAR held a special talk called “Reflections and History of HIV Research at Duke: A Conversation with the Duke CFAR Directors.” SBS Associate Core Director, Dr. Melissa Watt, facilitated the discussion with Dr. Kent Weinhold and Dr. John Bartlett. The two shared stories of what it was like interacting with patients in the clinics and working tirelessly in the labs at Duke during a stressful time when so much was unknown about the virus. Engaged audience members filled the room, asking thoughtful questions and sharing their own reflections on the topic. The discussion was a productive way to remember and recognize the contributions of many researchers, doctors, and activists, as well as energize the room as the Duke CFAR continues to work toward improved HIV care.