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Global Health Exchange - Maps, Models and Immunity: Practical Approaches to Heterogeneity in Infectious Disease Risk

Classical models of disease transmission assume homogenous, evenly mixed populations. However, the heterogeneous and highly structured nature of real populations has a profound effect on disease dynamics. While agent based models might capture this heterogeneity in theory, in practice complexity and data requirements often make this approach difficult or impossible. In this talk I will cover practical approaches to measuring relevant heterogeneities in population structure and disease spread, and methods for accounting for such heterogeneities in real world settings where time is of the essence.Lunch will be provided.About the SpeakerJustin Lessler researches dynamics and control of infectious disease, with particular interest in influenza, measles, cholera and dengue. Justin works on the development and application of statistics, dynamic models and novel study designs to better understand and control infectious disease. He is interested in creating synergies between infection control practice, data collection and infectious disease dynamics.

Start Date
Monday, February 27, 2017
Start Time
12:00 pm
Trent 040