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Innovative financing model of TB control and its impacts on access to healthcare and reduction of patients¿ financial burden in China

Tuberculosis is a major public health concern in China with over 5 million patients. Financial burden associated with out of pocket payment for TB services has been one of major obstacles in the effective implementation of TB care and control strategies in China. This issue largely resulted from a rapid rise of TB care cost that were associated with the over-provision of services by the Chinese hospitals, such as over-use of the second-line anti-TB medications, induced hospitalization, as the hospitals had been given perverse financial incentives. To address these issues and encourage appropriate TB treatment, China NHFPC-Gates TB program, in collaboration with the health insurance programs, had implemented an innovative financing and payment scheme in 26 counties of 3 provinces in China over the past three years.

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016
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12:00 pm
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