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Next Generation Sequencing Seminar Presented by the Duke CFAR Immunology Core in collaboration with BD Genomics

BD’s Precise Assays utilize Molecular Indexing that enables accurate gene expression quantitation from hundreds of samples and up to several thousand individual cells simultaneously.

The Precise Assay from BD Genomics (developed by Cellular Research, Inc.) is an all-in-one amplification and library prep optimized for sequencing on Illumina sequencers.

The technology uses Molecular Indexing prior to reverse transcription that preserves original mRNA transcript counts, provides greater sensitivity, and streamlines downstream processing.  Precise assays allow direct counting of each individual mRNA molecule that was present in the sample prior to PCR amplification, thus overcoming inherent bias. Precise can detect subtle changes at <0.1% expression levels.

Precise Assays detect and quantify individual copies by digital read-out of labeled molecules & detects lowly expressed targets with as little as 10 pg of starting material including difficult samples- FFPE and Exosome and/or single cells/cell extracts & total RNA and no additional purification steps.

Library prep in short hands on time with no special equipment – Single-tube processing of up to 384 samples that are tracked from start to finish - enable up to 4,608 samples or single cells to be multiplexed per sequencing run.

We will be discussing how the Targeted and Whole Transcriptome Precise Assays can be utilized in a robust, user friendly workflow to achieve unparalleled accuracy in single cell gene expression quantitation.

Speaker:  Arno Sewall, Genomics Sales Specialist, BD Genomics

Questions? – please contact Arno Sewall, or 301-366-9982

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Start Date
Wednesday, April 13, 2016
Start Time
2:00 pm
143 Jones Bldg