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Global Health Film Festival: Infectious Disease & Visual Representation in Africa

Chiedeza's Song: A documentary film about adolescent HIV in Zimbabwe, including Q&A wiht Producer, Rashida Ferrand.Monday, February 22, 7 p.m. (Keohane 4E)TB Silent Killer: A documentary film about TB in Swaziland.Tuesday, February 23, 9 p.m. (Keohane 4E)Framed: A documentary film about American students and humanitarianism in Africa, including Q&A with Producer, Kathryn Mathers.Wednesday, February 24, 7 p.m. (Keohane 4E)They Go To Die: A documentary film about TB in South Africa, including Q&A with Director, Jonathan Smith.Thursday, February 25, 7 p.m. (Keohane 4E)Friday, February 26, 1-9 p.m. 1 to 3 PM: Workshops-- Workshop A (Mary Lou Williams Cente): Lunch 'n Learn with Mehret Mandefro / Workshop B (The Edge, Room 127, Bostock Library): Lunch 'n Learn with Jonathan Smith, Yale University.3 to 4:30 PM (Smith Warehouse Bay 4, PHD Lab - C104): Forgotten Paths of EmpireSpeaker: Gregg Mitman, University of WisconsinDiscussant: McSwain Forkoh, Duke University.6 to 9 PM (Griffith Theatre, Bryan Center): Reception, Film Screening, and DiscussionDifret: A Narrative Film about Early Childhood Marriage in EthiopiaIncluding Q&A with Producer Mehret Mandefro.Saturday, February 27, 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. (The Edge, Room 127 Bostock Library)Academic Panel on Global Health FilmKeynote Speaker, Stella Botchway, Oxford UniversityIn The Shadow of Ebola

Start Date
Monday, February 22, 2016
Start Time
2:00 pm