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Arab Refugee Crisis in the 21st Century Conference

The Syrian refugee crisis, in its scale, intensity and duration, has served as a clarion call regarding the urgency of an ever-growing global refugee population. To foster an atmosphere of conversation and broadened perspective, this interactive conference will explore the way the crisis is being interpreted in the international arena through the lens of international law, domestic U.S. policy and [social] media - as well as its direct impact on its victims and survivors as shared through the increasingly vibrant arts scene that has emerged from this besieged population, and anecdotes from those who have worked with them in refugee camps.Our panelists are undergraduate and graduate students, professors, activists, journalists, and artists and hail from around the world.Our opening address will be delivered by noted Lebanese scholar Ziad Majed, who has written extensively on political reform in the Arab world and most recently on the Syrian revolution. Anne-Marie McManus, a scholar of Arabic literature who has explored the language to capture the experiences of dispossession, loss, migration and hope, will deliver our closing keynote.Please visit the URL below for the full conference program, registration page, etc.

Start Date
Thursday, January 28, 2016
Start Time
4:30 pm
Rubenstein Library Holsti-Anderson Family Assembly Room 153