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SBS Core Hosts Chalk Talk

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

On Friday, February 20th, the SBS Core hosted a Chalk Talk.  The theme of the event was “Strategies to Increase Opportunities for SBS Research in the Duke HIV Clinic.”  Panelists included Dr. Jason Stout, Dr. Joe McClernon, Mr. Michael Stewart, and Mr. Gordon Lipscomb. Dr. Stout, CFAR Clinical Core Director, spoke about the history of the Duke HIV Clinic, entry points for research in the Duke HIV clinic, resources available to researchers, and priorities for SBS research in the Duke HIV clinic.  Mr. Lipscomb, a social worker in the Duke HIV clinic, emphasized the role that building strong relationships with patients, clinic staff, and providers can play in facilitating successful research projects.  Mr. Stewart, representative from the CFAR Community Advisory Board (CAB), described the mission and function of the CAB, as well as the way in which SBS researchers can use the CAB as a resource when planning research projects and disseminating results.  Dr. McClernon, SBS researcher, provided an illustrative example of an SBS research project that is interested in engaging the Duke HIV clinic.  Insight shared by the panelists was followed by ample time for informal conversation between panelists and participants over lunch.