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Inter-CFAR Cytometry Interest Group (CIG)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The inter-CFAR CIG is a collaborative project, open to participation, that is designed to promote the overall CFAR mission by synergistically enhancing and coordinating high quality AIDS research projects. All current CFARs/DCFARs are welcome to participate in the inter-CFAR CIG. Currently 17 out of 19 CFARs/DCFARs are members of the inter-CFAR CIG.

The Mission of the inter-CFAR CIG is to share protocols and recommendations for cytometry-based assays, foster new collaborations in cytometry, provide mentoring & training opportunities for cytometry-based methods, promote cytometry-focused international partnerships, and disseminate new cytometry tools across CFAR’s. The inter-CFAR CIG also promotes collaboration with industry for evaluating new technologies and strives to be a good steward of government funds by negotiating discounted pricing for flow cytometry reagents.

Broad participation in the inter-CFAR CIG will lead to greater transparency across CFAR’s with regards to cytometry methods, potential manuscripts and funding opportunities through new inter-CFAR collaborations and greater access to cytometry-based training and mentoring for new CFAR Investigators.

The Duke inter-CFAR CIG, leadership is coordinated through inter-Core synergies, including Admin Core, Immunology Core, BCB Core, and SBS Core. The Admin Core provides leadership, guidance and funding, necessary for travel to the National CFAR Director’s Meetings and organizing teleconferences. The Duke CFAR BCB Core provides leadership, guidance, and oversees the website. The BCB Core also plans to use the inter-CFAR CIG as a platform for optimizing their innovative tools for automated analysis that might aid the workflow and scientific interpretation of data at participating CFARs/DCFARs. The Immunology Core provides leadership and coordinates the various activities of the inter-CFAR CIG.