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Duke Immune Profiling Core (DIPC)



*External prices include a mandatory overhead charge.  Overhead for internal users is not shown but is taken from the indirect costs of their funding source.

##Per Tube charge is a minimum base rate for single color.  Rate increases based on whether Investigator or Flow Core provides consumables (ie tubes, tips, plates, etc), Red Cell lysing, Cell Permeabilization Buffers, and/or quantitation.

$$LSRII/Fortessa, X20, and Luminex usage is charged by the hour.  Any time between 1-60 minutes = 1hr charged.

^^Technician/Core Operator time is charged by the 0.5hr.  Any time between 1-30 minutes = 0.5hr, 31-60 minutes = 1hr.

&&Cellular Stimulation is the average for 3 stimulations (SEB, Unstim, and test stimulation).  The costs include consumables and reagents except for the test antigen(s).