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HVTN/CHAVI NHP ESI Scholar Program

The Office of Research Infrastructure Programs (ORIP), situated in the NIH Office of the Director, has announced a K01 award opportunity for early stage investigators in the field of HIV/AIDS vaccine development, using nonhuman primates (NHPs) as pre-clinical models (Announcement PAR-16-028; ). This funding initiative addresses two objectives of the FY 2016 Trans-NIH Plan for HIV-Related Research:  1) To explore new HIV vaccine approaches, and 2) To develop opportunities for new investigators in the HIV vaccine field, enabling them to translate promising preclinical vaccine studies in NHPs into human clinical trials.

These awards will provide 3 years of support for intensive research career development under the guidance of an experienced mentorship team, with expertise in both development of NHP vaccine models and in translation of the results of investigations performed in NHPs to work in humans.  The total award, including salary, fringe benefits and all other costs will be a maximum of $350,000 in total costs per year. Applicants must be US citizens, non-citizen nationals or permanent residents.

We expect that this program will expand on the success of the HVTN/CHAVI Non-Human Primate (NHP) Early Stage Investigators (ESI) Scholars Program, funded from 2009-2013 ( ). To further linkages between these scholars and applied clinical research, all awarded scholars will participate in the semi-annual HVTN Full Group Meetings. Additionally, HVTN investigators are available to serve as mentors for interested applicants. Applicants who are interested in being connected with an HVTN mentor should contact HVTN Training Coordinator Jenna Udren at  or (206) 667-6712 and send a title or abstract of their project proposal. Interested mentors should also contact Jenna. We will work personally with applicants and investigators to facilitate connections.

This year’s applications are due very soon, January 11, 2016. Please disseminate this opportunity to your colleagues and institutions to help draw a pool of talented applicants.  We look forward to connecting with interested applicants to move this opportunity forward.

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