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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS For clinical data, behavioral data, and biospecimens from the mSTUDY Biorepository

mSTUDY (“MSM and Substances Cohort at UCLA Linking Infections Noting Effects), is a UCLA-based cohort of substance using minority (Black or Latino) men who have sex with men (MMSM). Of these, about one-half are HIV-positive; the other half are HIV-negative MMSM at high-risk for HIV acquisition. When at full size, this cohort will comprise 620 MMSM with repeated data visits spaced every six months from an enrolled cohort of 1,080 MMSM. It provides a well-characterized, extensive repository of samples for leveraged use with other cohorts and sub studies to address the questions of this project, but critically as a platform for research to facilitate collaboration with other investigators.

Study participants will be followed every six months for the duration of the study.  At each visit we collect plasma, PBMCs, sera, hair, nails, saliva, rectal sponges, and rectal swabs for the biorepository.  These data can be compared with clinical data (e.g., tox screens, medical exam and history, STIs tests, and blood work), co-morbidity data, and/or behavioral data (e.g., substance use, sexual risk, socio-economic history, PrEP use, migration history, etc.). 

We currently have over 8,500 biospecimens from over 175 participants.  Additional details about the types of samples available can be found at

About the Sub Study Proposal Process

Our highest priority is identifying work which has significant opportunity to address the intersection between HIV transmission/progression and substance use.  Projects addressing NIH HIV priorities are highly encouraged. 

Please contact us to discuss your potential application. We have designed a sub study application process that encourages investigators to discuss your potential research with us before submitting an application.  After discussing the project, applicants will be asked to complete a brief sub study concept sheet.  Our internal reviewers will consider the application and provide feedback.  Successful proposals must be self-funded and IRB approved at their home institution.  

Our website, further describes our application process as well as study design, population details, funding opportunities, and study team information. You may also email us directly at or call +1 206.303.0342.