Co-Funding IC FOAs

  1. Detection of HIV for Self-Testing, PAR-21-070 ( The next application due date is March 17, 2022.
    The purpose is to support high-risk, bi-phasic, milestone-driven research and early-stage development of innovative technologies designed to enable rapid self-testing assays to meet one or both of the following research objectives:
    • detecting HIV (RNA, DNA, protein or biomarker) at the earliest stage of initial infection, ideally less than 2 weeks post-infection; and/or
    • detecting HIV rebound in treated individuals as early as possible following treatment interruption or loss of viral suppression by ART.

    Proposed studies should emphasize innovation and exploratory research with a focus on qualitative or semi-quantitative HIV detection and assay development, and should include plans to obtain end-user input on assay performance and usability.

  2. Pilot award competition:  Point-of-Care Technologies for HIV/AIDS in Low- and Middle-Income Countries ( through C-THAN, one of the four POCTRN centers supported by NIBIB and OAR (  This is an annual solicitation for 1-year pilot projects focused on diagnostics or technologies related to HIV/AIDS, co-morbidities, or treatment monitoring.
    Expressions of interest are due by February 28, 2022.
    Applications must describe how the device/test is applicable to LMIC settings, the cost of POCT and disposables, and how the proposed project addresses one or more of the NIH OAR research priorities:
    • Reduce the Incidence of HIV, including supporting the development of safe and effective vaccines, microbicides, and pre-exposure prophylaxis.
    • Develop Next-Generation HIV Therapies with improved safety and ease of use.
    • Conduct Research Toward HIV Cure.
    • Address HIV-Associated Comorbidities, Coinfections, and Complications through research designed to decrease and/or manage these conditions.
    • Advance Cross-Cutting Areas of research in the basic sciences, behavioral and social sciences, epidemiology, implementation science, information dissemination, and research training.

Diane Lawrence, Ph.D.
Program Officer, Pathogenesis and Basic Research Branch
Project Officer/COR, HIV Reagent Program (
Basic Science Program, Division of AIDS, NIAID
Telephone: 240-627-3202, Email:


Advancing Communication Strategies to Support Future HIV Vaccine Use (R01) (R21)
This RFA is co-sponsored by NIMH, NIDA, and NIH OBSSR. Applications are due May 10, 2022.

Michael J. Stirratt, Ph.D.
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
Telephone: 240-627-3875


The role of Epstein Barr virus (EBV) infection in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma (NHL) and Hodgkin disease (HD) development with or without an underlying HIV infection (U01 Clinical Trial Optional).  Here is the link:


Elizabeth L. Read-Connole, Ph.D. 
National Cancer Institute (NCI) 
Telephone: 240-276-6190 


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