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2020 Summer Intership Project List


  • P1 - Examining Structural Barriers to Optimal HIV Care Engagement: Is Neighborhood of Residence a Risk Factor for HIV Patient Atrition? - more info
  • P2 - Developing a Predictive Model for HIV Clinical Care Disengagement at Duke - more info
  • P3 - Genomic Signatures for Virulence and Antifungal Drug Resistance Development in HIV-Associated Talaromyces Marneffei Infection - more info
  • P4 - Persistent Elevation of Liver Transaminases Following HCV Virologic Cure Among HCV Mono-infected and HIV/HCV Co-infected Adults - more info
  • P5 - Defining the role of immune heterogeneity and preexisting CMV immunity in protective HIV-1 vaccination through systems vaccinology - more info
  • P6 - Deep learning to predict HIV-associated neurocognitive impairment based on graph features of multimodal MRI brain images - more info
  • P7 - Impact of Maternal HIV Infection on the Respiratory Microbiome of Infants - more info
  • P8 - Multidimensional immune profiling in HIV-associated neuroinflammation - more info
  • P9 -¬†Evaluating the impact of an adjunctive therapy on viral reservoir size and predicting time to viral rebound using mathematical modeling. - more info
  • P10 - Mathematical and statistical modeling of HIV rebound dynamics following treatment interruption in infant macaques - more info
  • P11 - Disparities in viral load and CD4 count trends among HIV infected children in South Carolina - more info
  • P12 - Association of FcR polymorphisms with vaccine-induced immune responses - more info
  • P13 - Validation of biomarkers for estimating HIV-1 incidence - more info
  • P14 - Structural Biology of HIV-1 entry - more info
  • P15 - Resolving Different Off-rates from Vaccine Elicited Polyclonal Antibodies-Antigen binding kinetics - more info
  • P16 - Crowdsourced HIV partner services intervention among men who have sex with men in Guangzhou - more info
  • P17 - Modeling Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics of Topical Anti-HIV Products and Translation of this Framework into Rational Product Design - more info

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