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Duke Quantitative 2020 Summer Internships in HIV/AIDS

We are offering paid summer internships during Summer 2020 to obtain research experience in HIV/AIDS for graduate students in quantitative disciplines as part of a NIAID Research Education Program (R25). The program will immerse graduate students from the quantitative sciences in the data processing, visualization, and analytics techniques useful for research currently underway at leading HIV/AIDS laboratories.  Your research may include data analysis, visualization, machine learning, computer simulation, mathematical modeling or device engineering. You will be jointly mentored by an HIV research scientist and a quantitative faculty member (who could be your current research advisor if appropriate). Interns will gain valuable hands-on experience in a collaborative setting, increased knowledge in HIV/AIDS research, and strengthen oral and written communication skills. You will also get the opportunity to present your poster to highlight your learning experiences at national and international HIV/AIDS conferences.

Internship Details

  • Several (up to 12) graduate student internships available each Summer from 2020 - 2022
  • Multi-year internships are possible
  • Interns must have a quantitative background (e.g. graduate students in stats, math, CS, data science, engineering). Exceptionally strong undergraduate applicants will also be considered.
  • Interns will be provided compensation of up to $3,360 per month for their participation (unless forbidden by NIH- e.g. T32 recipients)
  • All interns will be funded to present poster/oral at a national conference
  • Up to two interns will be funded to present at international conference
  • Funds are available for lab- or field-based research for the intern, including travel abroad where appropriate for the project
  • Applications should be received by November 30, 2019 for priority consideration. Applications after the deadline will be reviewed on a rolling basis as long as internship slots are still available.

Click here for a list of projects at participating HIV labs and how to apply.
Click here to apply for an internship.

Please email if you have any programmatic questions.
Please contact the PI listed in the project for questions about individual projects.