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Project List

Duke Projects

  • A highly conserved gut microbial environment is associated with increased risk of postnatal HIV infection in infants -- more info
  • Structural basis for broad and potent HIV-1 neutralization -- more info
  • Structural biology of HIV-1 entry -- more info
  • Analysis of single-cell RNA sequencing of the B and T cell receptor antigen repertoire -- more info
  • Comparative genomics of Talaromyces and Histoplasma - examining the converging evolution of thermally-regulated dimorphism -- more info
  • Comparison of Antibodies -- more info
  • Cost effectiveness of screening and preemptive therapy for HIV-associated talaromycosis -- more info
  • Development of a prognostic scoring system for HIV-associated talaromycosis -- more info
  • Disparities in viral load and CD4 count trends among HIV infected children in South Carolina -- more info
  • Ecological momentary assessment of drug use, decision making, and HIV risk in a sample of community-recruited cocaine users in Durham, NC -- more info
  • Estimating diversity in the na├»ve B cell repertoire -- more info
  • FcR Genotypes -- more info
  • Flow cytometric characterization of B cell development in mouse strains expressing unmutated common ancestors of HIV-1 broadly neutralizing antibodies -- more info
  • High-throughput pipeline for cryo-EM data processing -- more info
  • Individualized prediction of HIV-associated neurocognitive impairment using machine learning techniques -- more info
  • Longitudinal data analysis of a group-based mental health intervention for adolescents living with HIV in Tanzania -- more info
  • Maternal supplementation of vitamin A deficient hosts with retinyl palmitate to increase passive transfer of HIV vaccine-elicited antibodies to offspring -- more info
  • Mathematical modeling of HIV rebound dynamics following treatment interruption in infant macaques -- more info
  • Method validation software development for Immunogenicity Assays -- more info
  • Multidimensional immune profiling in HIV-associated neuroinflammation -- more info

UNC Projects

  • Effects of cash transfer for the prevention of HIV in young South African women -- more info
  • Modeling the cost-effectiveness of a crowdsourced intervention to prevent HIV transmission among Chinese gay men -- more info
  • Applying cutting-edge methods to generalize findings from randomized clinical trials to a target population in routine HIV care -- more info
  • Develop infographics for social entrepreneurship to spur health -- more info